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KENNEWICK, Wa., Jan. 26, 2010



The Shaw Group Inc. (NYSE: SHAW) and Westinghouse Electric Company, along with China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC) Sanmen Nuclear Power Company (SMNPC) and China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Corporation (CNF) successfully completed the lift and setting of the containment vessel bottom head (CVBH) of Unit 1 at the Sanmen AP1000 nuclear power plant project.


The CVBH serves as the foundation for the containment vessel, a capsule-shaped steel structure that will house the nuclear reactor. The project team used a Lampson International Transi-Lift LTL-2600B to lift, position and install the CVBH. The lift of the CVBH and its supporting structures was more than 900 tons. “The successful lift and set of the CVBH brings us one step closer to introducing the world’s first AP1000 nuclear power plant,” said Fred Buckman, president of Shaw’s Power Group. LTL-2600B. Lampson participated with Westinghouse in various meetings to validate capacity and efficiency of the LTL-2600B in the setting of the major modules of the AP1000. ® is configured with 400 feet of main boom and a 230 foot mast according to Randy Stemp, Lampson’s Head Engineer. The Lampson LTL-2600B was also supplied with a 160' jib which although not yet installed, will be used for other lifts later in the project. The Lampson LTL-2600B as configured has an 80,000 tonne meter rating. It also provides 100% of its rated capacity out to a 55m radius. At a 100m radius, the Lampson LTL-2600B still provides 50% of its rated capacity. ® was dismantled and export packaged and in early March of 2009 it was transported to China. “Our key personnel traveled to China to assist with the assembly of the crane and site load testing. Since then, Lampson has continued to provide engineering consultation and service support," said Bruce Stemp, the companies Training and Safety Director. ® entered service for the Sanmen Project in May of 2009. Lampson is proud of the machine they built for the Sanmen Group and feel it is the best machine they have manufactured to date. “We feel that the Lampson Transi-Lift® is by far the most efficient mobile heavy lift machine in the world and provides maximum mobile heavy lift capabilities with ease of operation” said company President, Bill Lampson. Lampson is also happy to report that the Lampson LTL-2600B Transi-Lift® is currently the largest crane ever to work in China.




This is actually the second major lift on the project since its inception. The first major lift was the CA20 Module which has a total lifted load of 1100MT at a 56m radius. This module is located to one side of the Reactor Building. The CA20 Module and the CVBH Module represent the initial lifts in the modular construction, and are validation of the application of modular construction method adopted in the design of the Westinghouse AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant.

This modular construction method for the AP1000 was the subject of initial constructability studies using the Lampson Transi-Lift.





The Lampson LTL-2600B Transi-Lift crane was purchased by Sanmen Nuclear Power and Zhongyvan Engineering Company to work on nuclear projects in China. Lampson began the manufacture of the LTL-2600B in the third quarter of 2007. In December of 2008, seven members of the Sanmen Group had traveled from China to receive training on the machine. The training they received at Lampson’s Kennewick, WA facility included classroom instruction, as well as OJT training in assembly, disassembly, load testing and crane operations. In addition to training the individuals from the Sanmen Group, Lampson also sent several of their key  personnel to China for a period of three months. Cao Zhilong, General Manager of Zhongyvan Engineering Company, had this to say “Crane operators in China must successfully pass both written and practical examinations for the crane types they operate and they must re-certify every two years. The expertise Lampson has provided is very much appreciated.”




In early February 2009, the Lampson LTL-2600B Transi-Lift is currently in manufacturing for another client in China and has an option for one more under contract. (See Photo Below)



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