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Jacking and Skating Services

Lampson’s Innovative Jacking Systems

Lampson offers a range of jacking and skating services Australia-wide. Jacking and skating systems are often employed by heavy lift companies and rigging companies as an alternative to mobile cranes for those contexts in which mobile cranes have limited or no access. Because a jack and skate system can lift and slide an item to its final position, it is often used for the removal or installation of heavy equipment and machinery inside buildings. Moreover, with Lampson’s system capable of jacking and skating items up to 1,200 Te, it is often competitive even for those contexts where mobile cranes are able to access, by improving on efficiency and cost-effectiveness (for example, because our jacking and skating equipment is prepared to accept components upon arrival, this minimises the expense of unloading). Lampson’s engineering ingenuity has resulted in the development of several unique jacking and skating systems to provide a variety of heavy lifting and rigging solutions to traditional, labour-intensive, lifting and jacking projects.


Lampson has designed and implemented a number of 'industry first' techniques to increase efficiency and safety in jacking operations. These include our Lift 'n' Lock Jacking System, Laser Guided Jacking Systems, Jacking Shovel Upperworks, Jack and Pack (1,200 tonne per leg) and a Gantry Jacking System. The Lampson Hydraulic Jacking System is designed and manufactured by Lampson. Ranging in size from 100 to 24,000 te, the Lampson Hydraulic Jacking system is used exclusively for jacking draglines and shovels and can also be used for dragline shutdowns. It separates electric shovel upper works from lower works, providing enhanced safety for bearing changeouts. Lampson’s Laser Guided Jacking System provides the fastest jacking solution to electric face‐shovel and dragline shut‐downs, minimising downtime and enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Lampson’s specialised jacking systems help to enhance the efficiency and safety of operations for heavy lift companies and rigging companies throughout Australia.


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Lampson offers jacking and skating services throughout Australia. We have office located in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia and regularly service  Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Bundaberg, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Townsville, Newcastle, Sydney, Karratha and Perth areas. If you are interested in our jacking and skating solutions call  (02) 4941 0400 or visit our contact page for details of your local Lampson office.

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