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Lampson and Megalift Equipment

A range of equipment is permanently located in Australia that includes the following models with details provided in Adobe file format. Due to the many configurations that are possible with each of these cranes, crawlers, trailers and jacking equipment Lampson employs specialist Engineering Staff that would discuss your particular project needs and offer suitable equipment from our fleet. Please phone (+61) 02 4959 6222.

Lampson Transi-Lift Cranes: up to 3000 tonne: file icon pdf LTL-2600

Standard Crawler Cranes: 50 to 750 tonne: file icon pdf Lampson Crane Fleet

Truck Mounted Cranes: 150 and 275 tonne: file icon pdf M250T file icon pdf M777T

Rough Terrain Cranes: 30 to 135 tonne: file icon pdf RT-9130

Transport: SPMT's, On-Road Trailers: file icon pdf Lampson Megalift Transport Fleet

Lampson Crawler Transporters: file icon pdf Lampson Crawler Transporters; file icon pdf Lampson Crawler Specifications

Lampson Dynamic Compactor: file icon pdf Lampson Dynamic Compactor

Jacking Equipment; Alternative Lifting: file icon pdf Jacking Equipment

Lampson Megalift Brochure: file icon pdf Lampson Megalift Brochure.pdf