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About Lampson

Lampson has been a leader in the Heavy Lift and Transportation Industry for over 75 years

The combination of fleet size, experience, ingenuity and financial resources has made the Lampson organisation one of the most sought after heavy lift providers in the world today. As the construction industry evolves Lampson keeps pace with the ever-changing demands of projects, worldwide.

Over 75 Years
of Industry Experience


Overall Profile of Lampson Group

Lampson has been a leader in the Heavy Lift and Transportation Industry for over 75 years commencing as a small trucking outfit, hauling produce for local farmers in south east Washington State USA to the current honour of being chosen as the Number One Crane Company in the world, when rated on a sheer capacity basis, by the industry magazine International Cranes Today.

Lampson International operates with over 350 major pieces of equipment in depots worldwide and lift capacities ranging from 15 to 3,000 tonnes by individual machines. Its heavy transport division can haul on wheeled vehicles or Lampson manufactured Crawler Transporters.

The company boasts branch offices scattered throughout the United States and other major facilities in Canada and Australia. With these resources and a strong business foundation, equipment can be shipped between offices allowing Lampson to successfully provide to customers worldwide with the entire fleet available to hire.


While Lampson continued with the expansion of its core crane rental business along with the heavy transport work the companies’ visionary founder, Neil Lampson, began to see a need for cranes with increased lifting power, placement radii and hook heights. With this in mind, the wheels were set in motion for the development of the Lampson Transi-Lift system which would change the face of the heavy lift industry forever. A need was immediately sensed for this type of equipment in the fledgling nuclear power construction industry.

The original model of the Transi-Lift was developed at Hartford, Washington to attempt a pioneering over-the-top installation of the reactor, polar crane, sacrificial wall and the containment dome. With these successful lifts achieved, the Lampson Transi-Lift became the most sought-after lift apparatus for nuclear construction. In the ensuing years the Transi-Lift proved its worth in many other industries including the petro-chemical, offshore construction and refineries etc.

In the early 1970s Lampson developed a unique twin engine, independent drive track driven crawler transporter. By taking advantage of the increased manoeuvrability of the crawler transporter, Lampson began acquiring vessel transport work around the globe.

Who We Are

Company Profile

As a ‘Quality Endorsed’ company to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015, Lampson (Australia) Pty Limited is committed to providing the very best of services to a global market. The provision of specialised cranage and lifting equipment for heavy lift contracts, associated engineering design, fabrication, crane inspections, rigging and transport services are all a part of Lampson’s services. Lampson is a heavy lift & transport service provider for large or small projects together with support services including maintenance, engineering & rigging design. 


Lampson is committed to providing safe lifting and transport equipment. Internationally and locally,  Lampson has been a worldwide industry leader for over 75 years and awarded a category winner six times ‘so far’ by the ‘Specialised Carrier and Rigging Association’ (SCRA); work completed by Lampson taking this award on two occasions.

Lampson operates an Occupational Health and Management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018.

Our Environmental Management System is compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

  • Preconstruction concept planning.
  • Computer aided heavy lift, rigging and transport engineering concepts.
  • Lifting equipment design.
  • Integrated transportation and / or lifting logistics.
  • Material satellite tracking.
  • Crane rentals.
  • Crane inspections.

33 Years National Haulage


Heavy Haulage depots in Newcastle, Gladstone, Perth, Karratha & Port Pirie

An integral part of the Lampson Group for over 33 years, Lampson (Australia) Pty Ltd specialises in the logistics of over-sized load transport for on-road and on-site environments.

Lampson provides the background engineering services that are required before moving your next load into, out of, or across Australia – including route surveys with comprehensive engineering reports, pre-project consultation, transport configuration engineering drawings plus transport permitting with governing states or infrastructure owners.

For unrivalled client savings, the combined Lifting and Transporting Services of Lampson provide ‘turn-key’ solutions of projects with years of proven success. Lampson (Australia) Pty Ltd in one of Australia’s leading companies in the specialised industry of heavy haulage covering over-dimensional sized haulage.

Combined with Lampson’s heavy lift lifting services, a “factory to foundation” services is offered to the Australian industry. With offices located in Melbourne, Sydney, Gladstone, Port Pirie, Perth and Karratha, Lampson is well positioned to service many industries.


Lampson International

Lampson International LLC has been a worldwide leader in the Heavy Lift and Transport Industry for over 75 years. Lampson is one of the most innovative and respected providers of equipment and full-service rigging services with main operations in the United States, Australia and Canada. Lampson is a single source for all your Heavy Lift and Transport needs from conventional crane rentals, to heavy lift and transport engineering, to provision of extreme capacity lift and transport equipment. Since the introduction of the first Transi-Lift®, Lampson has continued to improve upon its original design. Transi-Lifts® are now available in several models ranging from 300 tonne to 3000 tonne. Innovations in design and materials have not only accommodated higher capacities but have had the added benefit of reducing assembly times and transportation costs.

In addition to the crawler transporters and the Transi-Lift® mobile crane, Lampson fields a fleet of over 350 major pieces of equipment ranging from RT and AT hydraulic cranes, lattice boom truck cranes, conventional crawler cranes – including Manitowoc 12000, 14000, 999, 2250, 16000, 18000 and 21000 models, several hundred lines of both towable and self-propelled platform trailers. The cranes rented to the general construction industry, are both operated or under bare lease agreements. Additional to its proprietary lift and transport equipment manufacturing capabilities, Lampson also designs and builds custom heavy lift rigging equipment for its own use and for sale. Lampson, with it’s manufacturing capabilities and vast experience in heavy rigging and engineering, offers lift and transport solutions to a variety of clients worldwide.

Since its inception in 1946, Lampson International LLC has been providing heavy lift and transportation services worldwide. Lampson relies upon its quality equipment and experienced personnel to ensure safe and efficient completion of each customer’s project.

Industry Leader

Group Core Competencies

Lampson Pty Ltd has a diverse range of core competencies and is an industry leader in each stream of ability. Our core capabilities include:

  • Heavy lift crawler crane fleet with in-house designed and patented ‘Lampson Transi-Lift’ from LTL-350 to LTL-3000
  • Rental Fleet of 130 Manitowoc & Grove cranes from 20 to 900 tonnes
  • Self-propelled trailers for on and off-road transport
  • Jacking and skating equipment
  • Lampson Crawler Transporters; LCT-400 to 2000 tonne capacity
  • Lampson dynamic compactors; LDC-350
  • Pre-construction concepts and innovation
  • Heavy lift rigging and transport engineering design and fabrication
  • Logistics management for transportation and lifting projects
  • Construction equipment, project management, maintenance and operation
  • Bare and dry hire crane lease and complete project support alternatives

Megalift Pty Ltd, acting as the transport logistics arm of Lampson (Australia) Pty Ltd, specialises in relocation services. A vast range of equipment and experienced personnel provide industry leading services across Australia.

  • Truck propelled modular trailers Cometto or Goldhofer
  • Axle combinations and configurations with modular assembly
  • Lightweight on‐road trailer equipment and logistic management
  • SPMT trailers for mine or on-site equipment relocation
  • Goldhofer SPMT heavy duty self propelled modular trailers
  • Mining Shovel or Excavator relocation equipment and block trucks
  • Jacking and Skating including Lift & Lock, Riggers & Lampson 4800 tonne
Our History


Lampson (Australia) Pty Ltd was founded in 1990 for the purpose of fulfilling the needs for heavy lift expertise throughout the Australian industries. Lampson Pty Ltd, supported during its initial years by the USA based Lampson Corporation, forged a market within Australia providing heavy ‘lifting’ and ‘shifting’ services. Some of these services included heavy lift engineering, the supply of heavy lift crane and extremely heavy transportation capabilities not previously available throughout the mining, engineering, energy and construction sectors of Australia.

Since its inception, Lampson has developed facilities strategically placed around Australia inclusive of Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. From this facilities Lampson are able to supply quality heavy lift services on a national basis.

Growth rates experienced by our Company during recent years necessitated continuous capital investment in order to keep pace with growing demands. Consequently, Lampson have increased its Australian heavy lift crane fleet to include over 80 cranes with capacities in excess of 100 tonne. Also included within the Australian based fleet are cranes with single crane lift capacity up to 3,000 tonnes.

To bolster its transportation requirements during 1995, Lampson acquired Megalift Pty Ltd as a wholly owned subsidiary company. The acquisition of Megalift provides the Australian operation with a heavy ‘on road’ transportation arm enabling a substantial increase to the services provided. Operating as a group or independently, both companies are able to offer a wide range of services.

Lampson has worked on numerous projects where the requirement for lifting has been met through safe innovation, in-house design capability and a maximum utilisation of rigging equipment through careful planning and compatibility.

Under the umbrella of its ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certification, Lampson is able to supply ‘Heavy Rigging’ and ‘Heavy Transport’ packages, engineered and tailored to suit specific projects’ needs. With a committed team of engineers, operators, maintenance and administration personnel, and with facilities strategically placed at Karratha, Perth in WA, Gladstone in QLD, Port Pirie in SA and Toronto NSW, Lampson is efficiently situated to enable it to meet client needs and conditions.