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Services We Offer Our Clients

Project Management, Engineering and Design Services

At Lampson, we offer a range of project management, engineering and design services, specialising in rigging and heavy haulage for a variety of heavy lift companies. Our engineering team is supported by the very latest computer-aided technology to model projects in advance: predicting problems and hazards and reducing risks and delays. Upon completion of pre-construction and design, Lampson will continue to provide operational support. From concept to completion, our team ensures the highest standards of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety.

Extensive Planning & Engineering

Our Services

Rigging project management, engineering, design & fabrication

Lampson offers extensive pre-construction and conceptual planning in the engineering, design and fabrication of specialised rigging equipment. We assist with conceptual planning, carry out feasibility studies and reports, and we also provide engineering services.

Lampson will also assist in the design of the lifting methods, rigging equipment and any transportation requirements. This includes the design of lifting equipment and orientation, and the design of erection aids and the provision of engineering services for the assessment of structural capacity. We design and manufacture numerous lifting apparatus, crane components, transporting frames and load sharing devices. We provide crane configuration drawings, carry out site reviews and surveys, inspect, test and execute project plans, and develop quality and safety plans. Lampson also offers operational support for rigging projects including complete project planning and engineering, as well as on-site construction coordination.

Our Services

Heavy haulage project management, engineering and design

Lampson offers comprehensive pre-construction and concept assistance and service for heavy haulage projects, including the development of heavy haulage modules and provision of route surveys and pre-design and planning engineering services. We also undertake feasibility studies and assist with proposals and authorisation.

Lampson also assists in the design stage of heavy haulage projects, including the design of transport saddles or beams. We provide engineering services for the design of jacking points or lifting lugs and assess the structural capacity for transport and lifting. We also undertake transport configuration drawings, final site positioning proposals, site reviews and surveys, inspection and test plans and the development of quality and safety plans.

Lampson also provides comprehensive operational support offering a range of heavy haulage transportation options, including a fleet of hydraulic platform trailers with a capacity of up to 2,000 tonnes and a fleet of low loader trailers. We undertake jacking and skating procedures, ocean transportation of modules, machinery removals, on-site relocation, government authority and logistics coordination, inspection and test plans, quality plans and safety auditing.

Services We Offer Our Clients

Services Lampson Australia Offer

Lampson is committed to delivering our clients the very best heavy lift services while providing a wide variety of heavy haulage & turn-key project transport logistics solutions. At Lampson the team offers comprehensive project management, engineering, fabrication, & design solutions, specialising in rigging, heavy lifting & heavy haulage projects. We strive to deliver end-to-end jacking & skating services to the mining, petrochemical, civil infrastructure, & power and energy projects Australia-wide.