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Lampson's in-house designed and constructed heavy lift crawler crane - the Lampson Transi-Lift.

This type of crane is available in a variety of models between 350 and 3000 tonne capacity. The intent during design was to produce a Heavy Lift Crane for pick-and-carry operations; every load chart is produced to the appropriate Australian, European or US Standard - all subject to where these cranes are operating throughout the globe. Ground Bearing Pressure is significantly reduced because the load and weight of the crane is supported by two crawler transporters. The front crawler sizes vary and will provide over 40 square metres of bearing area under the mast and boom - loads are transmitted to the working foundation equally along the length of each crawler track. Unlike a standard crawler crane, Peak Ground Bearing Pressures in trapezoidal distribution shapes are avoided because the Transi-Lift design does not develop tipping forces in the crawlers. As a further safety measure the rear crawler will always remain in contact with the foundation and is not suspended during lifting nor used in capacity calculation; the self weight of the crawler is unused counterweight in reserve.

LTL-2600; Click to View                              file icon pdf LTL-2600; file icon pdf LTL-2600 Brochure

LTL-1100; Click to View                              file icon pdf LTL-1100

LTL-1000; Click to View                              file icon pdf LTL-1000; file icon pdf LTL-1000 Brochure

LTL-850; Click to View                                file icon pdf LTL-850

LTL-750; Click to View                               file icon pdf LTL-4600 QC

LTL-350; Click to View                                file icon pdf LTL-350