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Lampson Cranes NCIG Project Stage 1

NCIG stands for Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (

From early 2009 until mid 2010 Lampson (Australia) Pty Ltd provided cranes, operation personnel and engineering to the NCIG Project (Stage 1).

Included in the list of equipment supplied to the project were many of the NEW MANITOWOC model crawler cranes. The new models included the Manitowoc 18000 Max-er 21000 (750te) and Manitowoc 16000 (400te) crawler cranes. These cranes were utilised for the unloading and assemlby of the Stacker Reclaimers; plus the installation of the Over-Road Conveyor and Surge Bin on the first conveyor train.

Alongside the later model machines were a selection of Traditional Manitowoc cranes ranging from the Manitowoc 4600 Ringer and Manitowoc 4100W Series 2; both models continue to represent the backbone of the Australian construction industry’s lifting equipment. No other crane model available today can provide the value for money that the Traditional cranes offer; and when configured with the attachments of Ringer or Tower – no other crane can match the capacity for the same rental cost. All the cranes meet the current Australian Standards and Site Specifications and continue to represent a cost effective solution to many projects throughout Australia. From the year 2000 Lampson has rebuilt the 4600 and 4100 into the Millennium Series cranes; the upgrades include hydraulic winches and electronic controls. These improvements provide operators with the best of both worlds – modern user friendly controls matched with dependable and structurally dependable cranes.

Lampson also supplied cranes such as the 110 tonne capacity Grove 9130 produced from the Manitowoc Group plus new products such as the M14000W and M12000W of 200 and 110 tonne capacity respectively. Manitowoc 2250 Series 3 crawler cranes were also used on the construction of the new NCIG berth; initially a 2250 was used in standard mode and then a Max-er equipped model was utilised to provide greater capacity at longer radius.