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Lampson and Megalift – provided a turn-key project service to Shell Refinery, Sydney.

Provided as part of the RCCU Turnaround Project Lampson and Megalift provided cranes and trailers along with speciailised on-site technical personnel and engineering.

The LTL-1100 was the main heavy lift crane within the refinery plant area however other lifting equipment was also supplied by Lampson; these included Manitowoc M250 Truck Crane, M4600WS5 crawler, M4600 in Ringer configuration, a Linmac 20AT and Grove GMK-3055 all terrain cranes.

Lampson’s Goldhofer trailers were utilised in Self Propelled and Truck Propelled modes for various loads that were lifted from barges by the M4600Ringer. The loads were taken through the brown fields site with numerous restrictions on travel dimensions along the designated path.

The project was delivered without incident and as per the original quotation provided 18 months in advance; attributed to the pre-engineering and on-site crew – thanks to all!

The pictures illustrate some of the cranes and transport equipment ustilised; the M4600 Ringer for unloading vessels from barge and a skyline view with the LTL-1100, M4600WS5 and M250T in the refinery.